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What Sets Us Apart

By investing proprietary capital, Principle Partners endeavours to maintain meaningful working relationships with each business we invest in. We analyse each new business opportunity thoroughly and pride ourselves in our comprehensive investment decision-making process. Our collective business acumen, insight and perspective, enables us to make calculated decisions timeously.

Our hands-on, sophisticated personal investment style and continued communication with our investment partners, affords us the ability to fast-track and accelerate decision making. We also believe in investing in strong top-tier management teams, making this an essential element in the businesses we invest in.


Because Principle Partners uses proprietary capital, we have a strong focus on value creation for our partners – and ourselves. This ensures complete alignment between shareholders and management teams.

This allows us to make rapid decisions, incite fast transaction turn-around, and be flexible on the funding structure in terms of the requirements of individual transactions.

What We Offer

Principle Partners works with talented management teams to develop businesses that have the potential for significant growth.

Growth capital

Principle Partners provides growth capital to businesses looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition without a change of control of the business.

Acquisition finance

Principle Partners can provide capital and expertise in acquisition finance across a broad sector and are able to tailor each transaction to meet specific investment requirements of the target company.

Management buyout

In a management buyout scenario, Principle Partners provide funding and structuring expertise to the team in order to negotiate a successful transaction.

Black Economic
Empowerment (BEE)

Principle Partners is a provider of private equity for management buy-outs, leveraged buy-outs, development capital and funded BEE solutions.


With our extensive business knowledge and ever-growing investment portfolio, Principle Partners can assist public companies looking to go private.